Sky ride & luge ride station 1

I had been waiting for Skyline Luge the whole afternoon, couldn’t wait to start. First we took Skyline Ride at the ending point of Luge Ride all the way up to the top where we started taking Luge Ride. Skyline Ride was fun, it offered scenic bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island, Singapore city Skyline and South China Sea while enjoying the refreshing air blowing to our face, like!

Sky ride & luge ride station 2

Starting point of Skyline Ride, also ending point of Luge Ride.

Sky ride & luge ride station 3

The luge was transferred uphill together with passengers on Skyline Ride.

taking sky ride 1

Here we go, woohoo!

taking sky ride 2

Arriving, you can see the starting point of Luge Ride on right side of the picture, can’t wait for that, excited…

After got off from Skyine Ride, we proceeded to grab and put in helmets for Luge Ride, follow by some basic reading about the rules. We jumped onto the luge and started the ride right away after stuffs finish briefing us on the trails and luge controlling.

There were 2 trails for that gravity thrill ride, Dragon trail (688m) and Jungle trail (628m), choose one for your race or a leisure cruise downhill. Our hands were too busy holding the steering, especially when negotiating corners and steep slopes, had no chance to take any photo. “Someone” even bumped onto a divider, luckily no injury, worried… :(

Ending point of Luge ride

Our ride took around 8mins, depends on how fast you want to go.

I voted Luge Ride as the best activity of the day, will definitely go back for that. On our way to dinner, came across an event with free trial for plates spinning and diabolo, with guidance from stuffs too. It looked interesting when everyone from all ages trying to keep the plates from falling and diabolo spinning, so we just decided to join in the fun.

kid spinning plate

kid playing diabolo

Cute kids who could play spinning plate and diabolo quite well.

 We couldn’t stop playing until the event’s time was up, then went for dinner at Malaysia food street near the entrance of Sentosa, where you can find several famous foods from different states of Malaysia. I will always order clay port chicken rice and fried kway teow (stir-fried ricecake strips), cendol was good too but a bit too sweet for me.

dinner at sentosa Malaysia food street

 Malaysia food street in Sentosa, a lot of yummy Malaysian foods!

There were 2 shows daily for Song of the Sea at Beach Station, 7.40pm and 8.40pm, we went for the latter one after satisfying our craving for Malaysian foods. The show was so entertaining with stunning virtual effect, definitely worth watching. Too bad that we didn’t have any photo to show you, but you can always find out more from their website.

The plan was just nice for a day trip, it wasn’t too rush and able to covers a few activities, have had a relaxing and enjoyable time in Sentosa Beach Station!

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