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Pulau Ketam means “crab island” in Malay, a small fishing island located off the coast of Klang, Malaysia, which able to provide you a chance to experience and explore the unique local lifestyle of fishermen. The fascinating scenery, relaxing environment and those special “floating houses” are just too attractive to be resisted. Definitely worth spending a day or two wandering around in this little charming island, to free your mind and recharge yourself, especially for those who are like me that have been living in city for years.

 There are several ways getting to Pulau Ketam, you can find out more about getting to Pulau Ketam here.

 First thing we did after arriving Pulau Ketam was to check in hotel, our stay for the night was Sea Lion Hotel, here is my review on Sea Lion Hotel. It was important to get ourselves ready before start wandering around, wore light and comfortable outfit for cycling, applied sunblock, got the island map ready, bring enough water and got our camera ready for beautiful scenery. We rented bicycles from Sea Lion Hotel, spent quite a while choosing for those usable one, quality wasn’t really good.


Pulau Ketam welcome you!

 Pulau Ketam map

Just follow the map and be your own tour guide.

main transportation in island

Bicycle is the main transportation.

 We started cycling from the hotel, passing by travel agency, fire station, police station and arrived at island’s centre in 2mins, already felt tired and hungry (actually just an excuse to eat seafood…), and decided to try the famous clam omelet. We had our first meal at Restaurant Kia Hiong Heun, ordered clam omelet, fried rice, fried bee hon with squid and fried squid, cost us RM130 in total. The clam omelet and bee hon were really good, all seafood was fresh, satisfied!

Travel agent near port

Travel agency.

Voluntary fire station

Voluntary fire station.

Police station

Police station.

market place


Restaurant Kia Hiong Heun

Restaurant Kia Hiong Heun.

 Stall selling Oyster omelette, clam omelette and fried carrot cake

Store in front of Restaurant Kia Hiong Heun selling clam omelet.

1st day lunch

Having a good impression about Pulau Ketam’s seafood after this satisfying 1st meal.

 Continue our journey exploring the island with our big tummy, trying to cycle away some fat so that could eat more during dinner…

 locals relaxing

Locals having a relax afternoon…

 kids walking to school

Kids on their way to school.

 dying shrimp

Drying shrimps.

small store

Local mini store.

spiral shell

You can find spiral shell everywhere.

colorful residential 1

colorful residential 2

Colorful houses.

primary school

kids eating at school

Keng Chee primary school.

residential with boats

wooden bridge

 temple 1

temple 3

temple 2

There were quite a number of temples in Pulau Ketam.

 Dinner time, and it was seafood again! We ordered crab, shrimp, fish ball soup, bamboo clam, vege and some breads. Overall all seafood was fresh and tasted fine, portion was generous too, it wasn’t too bad for a meal that cost RM334.60 for a table of 10. There were a few restaurants selling similar dishes, so you can take your own sweet time choosing the one attract you the most.

 Crab showing in front of restaurant

A bucket with live local crabs  in front of restaurants to attract customer.

day 1 dinner


 After dinner, we walked around at market area. It was full of locals having dinner nearby, massage and pub were also available, quite happening at night.

 market full of locals at night

Market at night, not as quiet as I thought.

 On our way back, we saw a stall selling flying lantern right opposite the hotel, why not. We got 2, just enough rooms for 10 people’s wishes. The huge empty area between jetty and our hotel was the best place for us to release the flying lanterns. Everyone written down wishes on the flying lanterns, released them to the sky so that our wishes can be heard…

flying lanterns

Pray hard that all wishes will come true…

 That was all for the day and back to hotel afterwards.

 We woke up early the next morning to catch sun rise, able to see it from our room and jetty, kind of amazing. Another reason for sacrificing our sleep was to visit the morning market and try out the local breakfast. Nasi Lemak, yam cake, chicken feet rice with mei cai and various of noodle dishes, I will definitely back to Pulau Ketam again for all these delicious local foods! We spent around RM70 for the breakfast, not a bad deal.

sun rise

Morning in Pulau Ketam was so refreshing…

 Nasi lemak stall 1

Stall selling Nasi Lemak.

 chicken feet rice stall

Chicken feet rice with mei cai, selling fast.

 stall selling variety of noodle dishes

The shop where we had breakfast, selling nice noodles.

day 2 breakfast

I am hungry now…

 We tried also another famous snack in Pulau Ketam, fried ice-cream that was selling at RM3.50 per piece. The bread alike wrapper was hot and crispy, it melted together with the ice cream hidden underneath, it tasted so good with special mouthfeel, thumb up!

 fried ice cream 2

Must try!

 We have had a relaxing and enjoyable Pulau Ketam trip, will be back again for a short refreshing escape from busy city life.

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