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Dihua Street is a charming little street in the Datong District of Taipei.  It is one of the oldest streets in Taipei with a whole stretch of nicely preserved historical buildings.  Its prominence began in the 1850’s and till this day is still an important commerce center for Chinese herbal products, fabrics, and incense products.  Take a stroll at Dihua Street to see how life in the 1800’s was was like in Taipei.    

To reach Dihua Street, the nearest MRT subway is Shuanglian MRT station.  That being said, it is still about a 1km walk.   One of the interesting things I love about this street is the way the old historical shop houses are nicely preserved, and how it blends in with modern day businesses.  As with all old streets in Taipei, there are lots of vendors on the street selling food and snacks!  Another thing that was pretty cool, is a very old complex there that is a museum called the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theater Museum, which showcases the traditional theater art of puppetry in Taiwan.

entrance of south side of dihua street

Crowds near the entrance of the south side of Dihua Street.

snack vendors in dihua street

Snack vendor selling some type of rice squares.

food at dihua street

Crowds eating along Dihua Street.

Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum dihua street

The side of the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum – a cool looking early 1900’s style building.

old buildings dihua street

Several old style shop houses along Dihua Street.

nicely preserved colonial house

Some nicely preserved 1850’s style buildings.

more old 1850's style housing Quanzhou-originating owners moved in from the nearby village of Bangka

Notice how the old style buildings nicely co-exist with the stores below?

Another landmark on Dihua Street is the Xiahai City God Temple, which is a centuries old Chinese temple that houses the City God and his wife.  What is very special about this temple is that it is also known as a matchmaking temple, where the City God and his wife is known to have the ability to help singles find the perfect soul mate.  My wife’s friend told me before that he went to the temple once to pray to find a great wife, and when he came back to Singapore, a few weeks later he met a girl and they began dating.  Shortly after that they got married.  And the very remarkable thing was that only after they got married, did he only find out that she too went to the same temple around the same time to pray to find a good husband!  Is this coincidence or what?!  So if your single and wanting to find a soul mate, try your luck here!

xiahai city god temple taipei

Crowds of people at Xiahai City God Temple.  I’m guessing most of these people here are singles.

city god temple

People praying and making offerings to the City God Temple.

Another thing you will notice at Dihua Street, are the rows upon rows of shops selling traditional Chinese herbs.  This is supposedly one of the most busiest areas in all of Taipei that sell Chinese herbs.  If you come by 2 weeks before the start of Chinese New Years, this street will be jam packed with people looking to buy their necessities and ingredients to prepare for the Chinese New Year’s festivities.

herbal shops at dihua street

One of the many Chinese herbal shops along Dihua Street.

The end of Dihua Street (north end of it).  In background you will see the pier at the waterfront edge.

Sign indicating the north entrance to Dihua Street from Minsheng West Road.

Along Minsheng Road near Dihua Street.

Some random old buildings along Minsheng Road as we head back to Shuanglian MRT station.

Even on Minsheng Road you will see some old style buildings.

So this is it, a quick tour through the Dihua Street in Datong District of Taipei.  You should definitely check it out, as its a pretty unique place to walk by which is something off the tourist trail.  It is an old part of Taipei, but still bustles with life in the modern day.

Visitor’s Information to Dihua Street:

Nearest MRT station:  Shuanglian MRT – need to exit the MRT and walk about 1km west along Minsheng West Road until you see Dihua Street.

Admission:  FREE

dihua street location map

Location map of Dihua Street (highlighted in red).


Have you been to Dihua Street?  Share your experiences in the comments below.


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