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Located right beside the Taipei Confucius Temple in Datong District of Taipei is the UNESCO world hertitage site, The Taipei Baoan Temple.  It is very similar in architecture as the Longshan Temple, but one unique thing is the amount of dragons that flank the entire temple grounds.  You’ll see dragons along the column posts, dragons along the rooftop, and even dragons printed on the various lanterns hanging throughout the temple.  The way the temple was preserved so well is also remarkable.  Here’s a closer look at the Taipei Baoan Temple.    

To get to the Baoan Temple, one great way is to the cut through the garden complex right in front of the temple.  It is a pretty nice garden.  There is also a small pond in the back, with a beautiful dragon fountain in the middle, as well as figurines hidden behind the foliage depicting old Chinese folk stories.

baoan temple garden entrance

Entrance to the garden complex in front of Baoan Temple.

Figurines depicting scenes from old Chinese folk stories.

More figurines, this time with a tiger.  That must be one brave person to pet a tiger like that.

That’s me with the dragon fountain in the back.

The dragon fountain.

Once my wife and I made our way through the garden, we were met with a nice view of Baoan Temple.  To be honest, it looks very similar in design as the Longshan Temple, however if you enter the complex and take a closer look, there are slight differences.  The main differences you will see are heavy use of gold lacquered paint on the wooden beams, columns, and doors.  With the natural wood colour that was slightly darkened by the incense smoke, it provided a unique contrast to the gold coloured theme of the temple.

taipei baoan temple

Main entrance to the Baoan Temple.

The imposing columns that form the main gates of the temple.

The main entrance into the main alter of the temple.

Candles burning.

Gold lacquered paint on the intricate roof cantilever beams.

 Notice the gold coloured door panels, and gold coloured roof support structures.  Very intricate and very awesome!

Close up of the gold coloured support structures.  Notice that each piece also has a hand carved wooden figurine.  So detailed!

Besides the use of gold colour in the temple, there was also particularly lots of dragons incorporated into the design.  From the support beams to the lanterns, there were beautifully carved dragons everywhere.  And if you are there in person, you will be able to see exactly how intricately crafted they were.

One of the many dragons spiraled around the column posts.

Close up view of one of the dragons.

Incense urn.

Some elderly devotees performing their morning prayers.  Notice the intricate dragons carved on the golden door panels.

Close up of the intricate door panel and support structures.

Finally, if you pay close enough attention, there were also slight subtleties that make the overall impression of the temple very grand.  There were numerous murals painted along the walls and along the beams on the roof each depicting a certain scene from an old Chinese folk tale.  Also the use of laterns throughout the temple was evident and was pretty cool how it just peacefully dangled in the air while it hanged from the ceiling.

mural at baoan temple taipei

One of the murals on the wall.  This one depicts a battle scene.

Each cross beam supporting the roof had its own mural, each of a different scene from various Chinese folk tales.

Lanterns just peacefully hanging from the ceiling.

More lanterns.

The main alter viewed from the front.  All the elements that were described in the above are seen in this one pic.  Look carefully and notice how they all coexist together nicely.

Another altar in the temple.

Exiting the main gates of the temple.

exiting baoan temple

Exiting the main gates.  Hope you liked this photo tour of the Baoan Temple.

So this is it, the end of the tour of Baoan Temple in Taipei.  You should definitely visit this temple if you are ever in the Datong District.  You can only see so much in pictures, once you visit this temple in person, you will definitely see how remarkable and pretty this temple really is.

Visitor’s Information to Baoan Temple:

Nearest MRT station: Yuanshan MRT station, take exit 2 and walk about 10 mins along Kulun Street.

Address: 61 Ha-Mi Street, Datong District, Taipei

Admission:  FREE

location map baoan temple

Location map of Baoan Temple (highlighted in red).


Have you been to the Taipei Baoan Temple?  Did you think it was really pretty?  Please share your thoughts below in the comments section!

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  1. Steven Crook says:

    Several of the murals inside were painted by master artist Pan Li-shui. For more about him and his work, go here:

    Best wishes,

    Steven Crook
    author, Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide

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