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In my last post I mentioned about the many unique snacks and food at Danshui, Taipei.  Definitely if you ask many of the locals, there is one common snack that most will recommend you to try in Danshui.  It is a unique tofu/fishcake dish and the authentic ones can only be found at a place called Ah Gei‘s in Danshui.  This dish is not found elsewhere in Taipei, so my wife and I decided to check out what the hype was all about.    

There are 2 branches of Ah Gei that we found in Danshui, one was along Zhongzheng Road, while the other one is just out from Zhongzheng Road near the waterfront.  We tried the one that was located along Zhongzheng Road.

ah gei danshui

The Ah Gei branch on Zhongzheng Road.

The menu of Ah Gei from the shop on Zhongzheng Road.

View of the tofu and fish balls lined up to be cooked.

We ordered the famous fish balls and also the signature tofu fishcake.  Here’s how they tasted.

The Fish balls

To me they had enough springiness to them when you bite into the fish ball, but either than that nothing too special about them.  They were good, but to me they were just fish balls, so nothing much to report about on this.

ah gei fishball

The Ah Gei fish balls.

The Tofu Fishcake

Now the tofu fishcake was alittle bit more interesting.  It was a giant tofu with a fishcake that seals the top.  And as you break the fishcake seal, there is a hefty filling of clear vermicelli noodles (also known as glass noodles)!  It was quite an interesting surprise inside.  To further top it off is that the tofu is drenched in a thick, pink and gooey sauce.  The sauce had a combination of a sweet and slight tinge sour taste to it.

ah gei tofu fishcake

The signature Ah Gei Tofu Fishcake with that mysterious pink sauce.

You bust open the fishcake on the top, and there is glass noodle underneath!

Close up view.

Everyone that I talked to said that this was a must try dish in Danshui and that it was really good.  I guess it is good for some people, but for me I didn’t quite like it at all.  I consider myself a pretty adventurous eater, where I will try anything, but surprisingly this is a rare occasion where I just didn’t like the taste of it.  It was a little bit too sweet for me, and with the combination of the mysterious pink gooey sauce drenched over the glass noodles, tofu, and fishcake mixture, it didn’t really look right either.  But don’t take my opinion for this, I’m sure its good, but its just not for me.  I guess this is like one of those things where you either like or not.  So check out Ah Gei in Danshui and you be the judge…

In case your interested here’s what the other branch of Ah Gei which is located near the waterfront in Danshui, just off Zhongzheng Road.

Close view of the Ah Gei that was located near the waterfront in Danshui.

Visitor’s Information to Ah Gei restaurant in Danshui:

Location map of Ah Gei:
Highlighted in Green – Danshui MRT station
Highlighted in Blue – Ah Gei along Zhongzheng Road (across the street from the New Taipei City Danshui District Office)
Highlighted in Red – Ah Gei located near the waterfront (near the ferry docks)


Have you tried Ah Gei’s Tofu and Fishball?  Did you like it?  Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. les says:

    Thank you for your information I definitely goin to try this unique tofu! is my first visit to Taipei on the end of November ^_^

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