maokong gondola

The Maokong Gondola (also known as cable car) is a great way to ride to the top of Maokong Mountain from the Taipei Zoo MRT station.  The Maokong Gondola makes several stops along the way to other points of interest in the area, such as the Taipei Zoo, and Zhinan Temple.  The entire ride from Taipei Zoo MRT station to the top of Maokong takes about 30 minutes, and through the entire ride you will see scenic views of the mountains in Taipei.    

To get to the Maokong Gondola, you simply take the MRT to Taipei Zoo MRT station, and about 10 minutes walk from it is the entrance terminal to the Maokong Gondola.  Please note that from time to time depending on weather conditions, they may suspend the operations for safety purposes.  Therefore do check their official website to see in advance if the Maokong Gondola is closed or not for the day.

Their website is:

Here’s some pics of the amazing journey on the Maokong Gondola!

maokong gondola station

Subway train tracks near the Taipei Zoo MRT station and Maokong Gondola main entrance.

inside maokong gondola cablecar

Inside the Maokong Gondola cable car.  Just started the journey!

maokong gondola and me

Inside the Maokong Gondola.

Going over the first series of pillars.

Amazing views of the mountain range.  You can see Taipei 101 in the far distance.

Closeup view of the mountain range.

Closeup of Taipei 101’s peak.

Reaching an angle station, where the gondola will make a turn.

Better views of Taipei 101 and the rest of Taipei city.

More views of the city.

View of the residential area nearby.

Another view of Taipei 101.

View of the mountains.

It was getting misty as we ascend higher into the mountain peaks.

View of the parks beside.  I believe this was part of the Taipei Zoo itself.

There were residential estates nestled in the mountain valleys.

Nearing the top to Maokong.

maokong gondola following behind

The rest of the Maokong Gondola cable cars following behind.

So there you have it, a quick overview of the Maokong Gondola.  It is a great way to enjoy scenic views of Taipei’s country side, enroute to the top of Maokong mountain.

Visitor’s Information to Maokong Gondola:

Nearest MRT station:  Taipei Zoo MRT station

Opening hours & Ticket Prices:

Please refer to their official website for details –

maokong gondola location

Maokong Gondola location map.
Area highlighted in Green is Taipei Zoo MRT station.
Area highlighted in Red is the Maokong Gondola main station.

 Maokong Gondola

Are there other unique cable cars and gondolas you been on before?  Please share your experiences below!  =)

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5 Responses to Maokong Gondola – Fantastic Views of the Mountains Enroute to Maokong Taipei

  1. Naa says:

    Hi Alec, I discovered your blog a few days ago and I must say I love it! The pictures are awesome and it was fun reading your blog. I have never been on cable cars nor gondolas but thanks for sharing your experience!
    I was wondering if you were using your canon elph 310 hs for these specific pictures?

    Naa – a reader from Canada :)

    • Alec says:

      Hi Naa!

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words =)

      Yes the pics are partly taken with my Canon ELPH 310 hs camera and also I carry a Nikon SLR camera (however a bit more bulkier) as well. I find the Canon ELPH camera quite handy for situations where you need to quickly snap a pic such as when you are in a cable car…

      Do check back regularly, as I will have a flurry of new posts lined up!

      • Naa says:

        I will subscribe to your blog so I won’t miss any of your entries! I am getting the canon elph 310 hs as well as a birthday present. I cannot wait to test it out.

        And thanks for the quick reply!


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