Wufenpu garment district

If you want to buy great quality clothing at extremely cheap prices, then Wufenpu Wholesale Garment District in Taipei’s Songshan area is the place to go!  This place is unbelievable, it is called a district because it is that big.  The Wufenpu area is essentially an entire neighborhood on its own with over 1000 shops selling fashionable clothing at wholesale pricing.  This must be on your itinerary if your traveling to Taipei to do some shopping.  Now let’s get started and see what’s around Wufenpu!    

Before I continue further, one thing to take note is that you will not find any international branded clothes at Wufenpu.  What you will find instead are local branded clothes with the latest Asian trends at very affordable prices and are made with exceptional quality.

In fact almost all the stores you see in the trendy Ximending area of Taipei gets their supplies from Wufenpu!  Therefore you can essentially buy the same type of clothes in Wufenpu but at way cheaper prices than Ximending.  Unfortunately for my wife and I, we only found out this secret only after our shopping spree at Ximending!  Nonetheless, that did not stop us from having round two of shopping at Wufenpu Garment district.

The moment you entire the Wufenpu Wholesale Garment area, you will find that it is essentially a huge neighborhood with scores of alleys packed with small shops selling clothes and accessories.  Definitely the majority of the shops cater for women’s fashion, but there were some that had men’s fashion.  What was amazing was that we did not see any shops selling the same thing, it was as if each shop carried their own unique style of clothes!

Wufenpu garment district shops

One of the many narrow alleys packed with shops selling clothes in Wufenpu.

Wufenpu garment district - alley way

It was jam packed with people.

wufenpu sign

One of the many signs marking the entrances to the Wufenpu Garment area.

My wife and I pretty much spent about 5 hours here, as my wife was determined to comb through every possible store there was!  Obviously we were not able to visit all 1000 stores there, but we did make a very good attempt at it.  The more we explored the area, the more we were quite intrigued at the sheer size of the place.

That’s my wife browsing thru racks and racks of clothing.

Interestingly enough there was a temple within the garment district.

The intricate roof top of the temple.

Outside streets also jam packed with clothing stores.

Not only they had stores selling clothing, they also have food and drink stalls everywhere!

More food stalls.  This is definitely a big theme in Taipei in general…people there love to eat!

View of the outskirts of the Wufenpu Garment District.

Just to give you an idea how big Wufenpu district was.  The entire row on the left of the picture marked one of the boundaries of the district.

This was the damage done on shopping spree – round 2!

The shirt I’m wearing in this picture was one of the items I bought in Wufenpu.  It is a very great looking shirt, and very comfortable too!  Just to give you an idea of how cheap it was at Wufenpu.  Guess how much it cost for this shirt?  Once you convert it all back it was only 5.00 S$ (Singapore dollars) which is about 4.00 USD (US dollars)!!!!


Visitor’s Information to Wufenpu Wholesale Garment District:

Nearest MRT station:  Houshanpi MRT station – take exit #1 when you get out of the station

Opening hours:  Daily, stores start opening  after 10:00am onwards and most close by 10:00 pm

Location map of Wufenpu Wholesale Garment District

So this is it, my quick tour around the Wufenpu Garment District.  I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for clothes at great bargains, and with good quality!

Have you visited Wufenpu before?  Please share your experiences below in the comments section!


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  2. Tin says:

    I’m a sucker for wholesale garments and it’s always what I’m after whenever I travel. It would be my first time to visit Taipei in October and this post has been a great help and all your Taipei posts.


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