Taipei Shopping, Ximending

If your looking for the latest fashion trends in Asia while doing your Taipei shopping, then Ximending district is the place to go!  Located right outside the Ximen MRT subway station, you will find this amazing place for your shopping fix.  It is the hang out place for the youngsters in Taipei.  So if you are like in the 30’s like me then you are forewarned!  =)

Taipei Shopping, Ximending

Right when you exit the Ximen MRT station, you will be in the Ximending district.

Everything can be found here in the Ximending district.  Bars, restaurants, street snacks, clothing and accessory stores line up the streets all over the place here.  There are also various entertainment venues located around Ximending area such as karaoke and movie cinemas.  One unique place worth mentioning is the Red House.  It is a century old building that currently is a combination of a performing arts theatre , and bar and restaurant complex.

Taipei Shopping, Ximending

View of the area across the street from the Ximen MRT exit.

View of the Red House.  Quite a cool looking historical building.

Looking to watch a movie?  The movie cinemas can be found on the North West Side of Ximending district.

One of the many interesting “themed” restaurants in the area.  The World of Curry!

When my wife and I visited Ximending, we already had a plan insight.  We were on a serious shopping mission.  My mission was to get some socks (I always lose socks at home!), and maybe some shorts and shoes.  My wife’s plan however was a little bit more elaborate.  It ranged from shoes, hair accessories, shirts, pants, dresses, cosmetics, to even stockings!  But before we began our mission, we had some fun at a mini 4D ride.  It was pretty cheap, only 100 Taiwan dollars for 3 different rides!  Don’t expect it to be like “Universal Studios” quality, but for 100 Taiwan dollars, it was worth the novelty.

One of the many streets in Ximending.  Look at all the stores!

The place where we took the 4D ride.

Some of the many streets in Ximending.

After the 4D ride, that was when the serious business took place.  My wife and I basically combed the entire district, carefully inspecting every single store on each street to see what there was to offer.

Some of the interesting shops we went to, many of the clothes were of good quality and at pretty decent prices!

Another street in the area that we covered.

At one point we were kind of lost in the jungle.  Ximending district is huge!

It was kind of rainy that day.  But that did not stop us from our mission.

This was kind of like the eating area of Ximending.

Ok, this was kind of weird.  I think they were selling cakes in the shape of “you know what” (self explanatory in pic above).  Don’t ask me why they did it, maybe its a crazy trend there?  =)

In the end, after 6 whole hours of walking and shopping, we had accomplished our mission for the day…


Here’s the damage that was done!

Taipei Shopping, Ximending

Mission Accomplished!

So if you are ever looking for some Taipei Shopping action, then Ximending is definitely one of the places you must go!  Even if you are not really into shopping, it’s still a pretty interesting place to visit, just to see and experience all the crazy Asian trends there!


Visitor’s Information to Ximending District:

Nearest MRT Station:  Ximen MRT Station – Head towards Exit #6 when exiting from the MRT station.

Ximending Location Map

Location map of Ximending District


What other cool shopping districts have you visited in the world?  Please share your experiences in the comments below!

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9 Responses to Taipei Shopping – Shop Till You Drop in Ximending!!!

  1. […] fact almost all the stores you see in the trendy Ximending area of Taipei gets their supplies from Wufenpu!  Therefore you can essentially buy the same type of […]

  2. Jane says:

    Any idea what kinds of clothes will it be selling if my trip is in Dec? Tks!

    • Alec says:

      Hi Jane;

      Most probably winter clothing, or long sleeves to go with the season. However you may never know what you will find…its always a surprise there.

      When I went there in October, there was a good mix of winter clothes and summer clothes.

      Hope this helps


  3. Lene says:

    Hi, im going to Taipei this December and would like to find out bout the 4D ride you guys took. (: how was the experience like? is it like an enclosed ride with a screen in front or is it like that of a cinema setting?

    any other place that is a must go in Ximending? ((:
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you!

    • Alec says:

      The 4D ride was just an enclosed ride with a screen in front with a moving seat. Don’t expect it to be like the ones you see at Universal Studios. It was a very basic small screen, and the moving seat was enough for 2 people only. Don’t hold your expectations too high…for the cheap price you pay, it is only a novelty and just to kill some time and to have a good laugh…

      As for other places to go in Ximending, it is mostly a shopping place for trendy stuff, and to go eat food at some themed restaurants (such as the Toilet Restaurant…see for more info), and to maybe get some drinks or watch a movie.



  4. Ken Tan says:

    which hotel you would recommend for a stay in the ximenting area which has easy access to the shopping malls and wont get lost 😛

  5. bella says:

    i am going to taipei soon and i want to know do they sell like beanies and shoes? and also when im going to the ximending which restaurant do you recommend me to go?

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