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how is chinese new year celebrated

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!  We are now ushering a new year, the year of the dragon, and we are going to start things off with a bang!  One of the most important holidays for the Chinese is the Chinese New Years.   There are many variations on how is Chinese New Year celebrated around the world.

Being from Canada, typically we would have a warm family dinner on a cold winter’s day, and that would be pretty much it, since in North America, Chinese New Year’s is not a public holiday.  However, over here in Asia, in places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, Chinese New Year’s is a massive public holiday!  How is Chinese New Year Celebrated for my wife and I?  Here’s how I celebrated it in Malaysia with my wife’s family!       Read Full Article →

bitter melon juice

One of the most unique things I tried in Taipei, Taiwan, was the bitter melon juice.  When I first arrived in Taipei, I noticed the many vendors selling bitter melon juice there.  Sounded kind of wierd…bitter melon juice, it didn’t exactly sound quite appealing.  However my curiosity got the best of me, so when I finally got the chance, I definitely had to try this strange sounding drink.       Read Full Article →

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