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There are many other unique sights that you can catch a glimpse of in the area surrounding the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial.  These sights you can quickly pass through and just snap some pics along the way.  After visiting the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, you can walk through this unique route that I have mapped out that will pass through these smaller landmarks along the way, before reaching the next MRT subway station.   So lets take a look at what else is around this area.    

East Gate

Right beside the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Square is the East Gate (known as “Dong-men” in Chinese).  It is one of the original city wall built during the Qing dynasty.  Although you cannot really enter the compounds of this gate (as a traffic round about has been build around it) it is a great stop to take some pics, especially at night when it usually gets lit up.

The East Gate


The Presidential Office Building

The Presidential Office Building is where present day the official office of the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan).  It was built during the late 1800’s by the Japanese during their colonial rule.  Subsequently after the end of the Chinese civil war, and the formation of Taiwan, this was where it was proclaimed to be the official presidential office of Taiwan.

Decorations for the centennial National Day. (Presidential Office seen in the background).

The Presidential Office Building.


228 Memorial Peace Park

The 228 Memorial Peace Park is to place remembrance on what is known as the 228 incident (228 representing February 28) that happened in 1947.   This incident marked the beginning of the violent oppression (known as the White Terror period) by the KMT government in the past where thousands were imprisoned, or even were killed.  Nowadays in modern Taiwan this park is a place to remember its storied past and to place condolences for the victims of this incident.

You can also find the 228 Memorial Museum as well as the National Taiwan Museum situated within the parks’ compounds.

A pagoda seen at the 228 Memorial Peace Park.

The 228 Memorial Monument.

The domed building is the National Taiwan Museum located at the 228 Memorial Park.


Camera Street

Located at the intersection of Boai Road and Hankou Street marks the the area known as “Camera Street”.  Here you will see in this entire stretch stores that only sell photography camera equipment, from accessories, to digital cameras, to lens.  The prices here I must say are still not as cheap as what you can get in Hong Kong, but it is still way cheaper than what you may find in North America.  I went here to buy a portable tripod for my camera for only 15.00 USD!

Beginning of the Camera Street.

The main area of the Camera Street…very obvious from here that all they sell is camera related stuff!

So after you have checked out the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, you can randomly stroll around the area to check out these other points of interest.  I have included the location map below for your convenience!

Location map of various areas around the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Area:
1.) Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Square – National Concert Hall
2.) East Gate
3.) 228 Memorial Peace Park
4.) Camera Street
5.) Presidential Office Building
Areas circled green are the nearest MRT subway stations.


How did you like this mini tour of the areas surrounding the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial?  Please share your feedback below in the comments!

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