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So Exactly How to Travel For Cheap???…

This is the question that many times people have asked me.  So how is it that I am able to travel all around Asia for the past 8 years (and still traveling now, I must add…), and not break the bank?  Well if you are ready for this, then let me give you the juicy details on some of the methods I personally use on how to travel for cheap

So listen closely…

First thing you must realize is that traveling for cheap does not necessarily mean being a absolute “cheapskate”.  Yes you can save a lot of money by being a “cheapskate”, but at the same time, you will probably not get that great of a vacation you hoped for.  You see, if you simply pay for whatever item that has the lowest price without even comparing quality, you will probably get what you paid for…absolute crap.  It’s like saying if you pay cheap to stay at a cheap grundgy dirty motel, then that’s all you’re gonna get…a grundgy dirty motel.

The idea with traveling for cheap is more more than this.  It is about saving money as much as you can on all your travel expenses, but at the same time ensuring you still get some decent quality out of it.  It is about traveling smart, and being persistent and on a constant look out for the best deals that will absolutely give you the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY spent!

Believe it or not, you can actually stay in 5 star hotels at very reasonable prices (in some cases it can be as low as the same price you would have paid for at that cheap and dirty grundgy motel!).  The same applies for everything else you could be spending on in your trip, be it your airplane ticket, and your meal costs.

The best part of it is…finding these awesome deals is not very hard, and if I am able to consistently do it, then surely you are able to do it too!

And you are all in luck…

I have recently (painstakingly too) collected all my notes and resources I use to land these awesome travel deals and have compiled them into an easy to read e-book for you all!

The e-book is simply called “How To Travel For Cheap“, in it you will find methods that will help save you tons of money off all of your travel expenses, WITHOUT sacrificing quality.

Just to give you an example of how powerful some of these methods are…

Recently my wife and I just came back from our trip to Taiwan.  Just by applying only one of the many methods in the e-book, I was able to save over 1600 S$ (Singapore dollars) – approximately 1200 USD off both of our airplane tickets!   And this was flying with Singapore Airlines!  (If you don’t know Singapore Airlines, they are pretty much one of the BEST airline carriers in the world!)

Here’s what I paid for the 2 adult airplane tickets on Singapore Airlines economy class, round trip from Singapore to Taipei (using one of the methods in the e-book):

41.50 S$ each person, which in total for 2 adults equal to 83.00 S$!

how to travel for cheap

My e-ticket receipt to prove it.   (note that I blanked out some of the sensitive information).


And here is what Singapore Airlines is charging if you buy it direct from their website, for the same flight (for 2 adults, economy class, round trip from Singapore to Taipei):

Total of 1709.40 S$ for two people!

What Singapore Airlines is charging for the same flight, if booked from their website.


For only 83.00 S$ I was able to fly with a great airline company, and with that extra savings I got out of this, I can either spend more on shopping, or just save the money for my next trip to somewhere else!

So you can continue to pay more on your next travels, or just download my How To Travel For Cheap  e-book to start saving your money by traveling smart. 

Because this is the first e-book I have ever written, and I really do value all my loyal readers out there (without your support, my blog would have never become what it has become today), I am offering this to you all at no charge…its my way of saying thanks to you all!

But do act soon, as I am planning to eventually sell this at a price.  I still need to pay for the overhead costs of running my blog.  These costs help me to maintain the blog and by keeping up with it, this enables me to continue to provide you all with the best updated travel information to Asia!  =)

You can get your free copy of the How To Travel For Cheap e-book here:  and after reading it, do let me know what you think!  I’m open to feedback and to new suggestions!


So how do you think of my new e-book?  Please provide some feedbacks in the comments below!  Thanks!

Alec Chan

Alec Chan is an intrepid traveler, travel writer, author, speaker, serial entrepreneur and self professed Asia travel ambassador. Traveling all around Asia since 2003, and still traveling, Alec is an accomplished and passionate traveler seeking to bridge the cultural gaps in Asia. Through his unique perspective as a Canadian born Chinese, Alec shares his special insights on Asia to help others around the world to have a better understanding on Asian culture so that they can have a more meaningful, fun, and stress free trip to Asia. Alec has written numerous travel guides on several destinations in Asia and is the editor in chief of

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  2. Paul says:

    Hi, good information to travel on the cheap! I have downloaded the ebook, was wondering if you could provide some instructions on getting the cheap SIA tickets. Please do teach me as I love travelling on a budget

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    Hi, I can’t find the ebook on how to travel cheap. Could you send it to me? Tks.

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