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When you travel to Taipei in Taiwan, one of the “must do” things is to visit the splendid Chinese temples.  One of the most magnificent and probably one of the most important Chinese temples in Taipei would be the Longshan Temple located near the Longshan MRT subway station.  It is a place where you will find centuries old traditions still being practiced by the Taiwanese in this old place of worship.        

travel to taipei - longshan temple

The main gates of the Longshan Temple.

The Longshan Temple was build in the Qing dynasty and is a Taoist / Buddhist temple that houses the Buddhist diety Guanyin (the goddess of mercy and compassion), and other Chinese dieties from the Taoist religion.

It has been said, if my memory serves me right, that this temple has gone through multiple disasters (both natural and human caused) from earthquakes, fires, and even multiple bombings during World War Two.  During all those disasters, what is remarkable was that the Guanyin statue that is in the main alter of the temple had survived all this without even a single scratch!  Due to the significance of this, this is one of the reasons why Longshan Temple continues to be an important place of worship for the Taiwanese.

The entrance towards the main alter.

Side view of the entrance towards the main alter.

Look at the detail ceramic work on the roof top.

Close up view.

When you step into the main alter area, you will see very intricate dragon carvings, as well as gold painted wooden carved beams supporting the roof structure.  When I went to visit the Longshan Temple, it was about 9:00am and it was already packed full of people, of many of which were doing their morning prayers.  It was quite a beautiful temple indeed!

One of the many intricate dragon carvings.

 A giant lantern hanging from one of the wooden beams.

Inside the temple.

Inside the temple, facing towards the main alter.  Packed full of worshippers.

The main alter that houses Guanyin, the goddess of mercy and compassion.

Notice the intricate gold coloured wooden beams supporting the roof structure.

In addition to the main temple area, just near the entrance there is also a nice pond on one side with a dragon fountain, and on the other side a man made waterfall.  I do believe this had something to do with feng shui of the temple!

The pond with a dragon fountain.

Koi fish swimming in the pond.

My wife standing infront of the man made waterfall on the opposite side of the pond.

View of the temple from the pond with dragon fountain.

So if you are going to travel to Taipei then you should definitely make a quick stopover to check out the Longshan Temple.  It should take about 45min to an hour to tour around the temple, and to experience it all.

Visitor’s Information to the Longshan Temple:

Address: No. 211 Guangzhou Road

Nearest MRT station:  Longshan Temple MRT Station

Admission:  FREE

Opening Hours:  5am-10pm daily

Location map of Longshan Temple.


So have you been to the Longshan Temple before? Please share your experiences below!

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