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chiang kai shek memorial

There are many other unique sights that you can catch a glimpse of in the area surrounding the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial.  These sights you can quickly pass through and just snap some pics along the way.  After visiting the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, you can walk through this unique route that I have mapped out that will pass through these smaller landmarks along the way, before reaching the next MRT subway station.   So lets take a look at what else is around this area.     Read Full Article →

how to travel for cheap

So Exactly How to Travel For Cheap???…

This is the question that many times people have asked me.  So how is it that I am able to travel all around Asia for the past 8 years (and still traveling now, I must add…), and not break the bank?  Well if you are ready for this, then let me give you the juicy details on some of the methods I personally use on how to travel for cheapRead Full Article →

travel to taipei

When you travel to Taipei in Taiwan, one of the “must do” things is to visit the splendid Chinese temples.  One of the most magnificent and probably one of the most important Chinese temples in Taipei would be the Longshan Temple located near the Longshan MRT subway station.  It is a place where you will find centuries old traditions still being practiced by the Taiwanese in this old place of worship.         Read Full Article →

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