Taipei Hot Springs - Thermal Valley Hot Springs in Beitou

The Taipei Hot Springs culture is evidently seen at the hot springs in Beitou area.  Resorts have sprung up everywhere in the area providing hot spring bath houses and spas for all classes, from the public dipping pools outside, to the luxurious 5 star hotels with exclusive pools inside.  Lying at the source providing the natural hot spring water in the Beitou area is the Beitou Thermal Valley (also known as Hell Valley).  The Thermal Valley is a natural pond of spring water heated up by volcanic rocks from underneath.  The sure heat of this pool is extreme!            

Heading up to the Thermal Valley Hot Springs in Beitou

Following up the river to the source:  Beitou Thermal Valley

The temperature of the Beitou Thermal Valley pool is close to 100 degrees Celsius, which is pretty much at boiling point!  I have heard some freak accidents in this area before, as locals described to me of an incident of a man accidentally falling in the pool and ended up cooking himself to death there!  This is probably why the authorities ended up installing high fencing around the pool to prevent such accidents.

With the gruesome stories aside, the pool is magnificent to see.  Once you walk up the path towards the Thermal Valley, you will instantly see huge clouds of steam, and the pungent odor of sulfur fuming from the hot spring source.  The Thermal Valley pool itself was an emerald bluish colour, and the amount of heat generated from it was remarkable.  No wonder it was also nicknamed “Hell Valley”the source of the hot springs in Beitou.

Thermal Valley hot springs in beitou

Heading towards the Beitou Thermal Valley – Notice the huge clouds of steam in the background!

hot springs in Beitou

Closer view of the Beitou Thermal Valley pool.

hot springs in beitou

Look at that steam coming out of the pool!  Look at the pool’s charming blue colour too!

hot springs in beitou

The hot rocks near the pool.

hot springs in beitou

More steam!

hot springs in beitou

Myself with the steam in the background.  It was getting hot in there!

hot springs in beitou

A waterfall at the mouth of the pool providing the natural cold springs to the Thermal Valley that will end up being boiled.

After viewing the Beitou Thermal Valley, you can follow downstream towards the exit of the pool.  From here the hot spring water from the Thermal Valley will mix with another river source of cold spring water into the Beitou River, causing the Beitou River to have a pleasantly luke warm temperature, just perfect enough for you to soak your feet in.  This is probably the cheapest way of enjoying the natural hot springs in Beitou, as this is free!

Just simply walk down the path, you will see some stairs leading down towards the side of the river, and a crowd of people enjoying the soothing springs on their feet!  I quickly grabbed a seat on some rocks, took off my socks and dipped my aching feet in.  It felt quite good on my feet, as the water was just nice (not too cold, and not too hot).

View of the Beitou River, you can see some people in it in the background.

Picking a spot to soak my feet in the Beitou River.

Found my spot to sit down, and getting ready to get my feet wet.

Enjoying the soothing spring water on my feet!

View upstream of the river while I was sitting down on the rocks.

View of the others around me, also enjoying the hot springs in Beitou.

So this is it, a quick glimpse of the Taipei Hot Springs activities you can do at the Thermal Valley Hot Springs in Beitou.  It is a very relaxing way to soothe your aching and sore feet, and take in some remarkable scenery!  Enjoy!


Visitor’s Information to the Beitou Thermal Valley:

Location: Zhongshan Road, Beitou district (near Beitou Park)

Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday; free entrance (close on

Transportation:  Get off at Xinbeitou MRT Station, walk along the Zhongshan Road next to the Beitou Park, across Beitou Hot Spring Museum, and then proceed forward about 10 minutes.

Location map of Beitou Thermal Valley.


So have you been to other natural hot springs in the world?  Please share your experiences in the comments below!



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