From the monthly archives: "November 2011"

Mysterious potholes in the solid cliff faces, along with magnficent rock formations are found throughout the Swallow Grotto Trail at the Taroko Gorge National Park.  These dramatic rock formations and potholes are the highlights of this trail.  I am guessing these rock formations were basically millions of years old formed by years of earth quakes, ice, water and volcanic activity.  I’m no geological expert, but all I can say it is simply a marvel to hike through this simple trail.                              Read Full Article →

There is a nice park right behind The Grand Hotel that most tourists overlook.  Right behind The Grand Hotel is the Yuanshan Scenic Area Park, which is basically a small mountain that The Grand Hotel is situated on.  Walking to the summit takes only 20 minutes, and is a very easy climb as it is well marked with a long staircase trail (be prepared to climb alot of steps).  If you time it correctly, you can actually catch the sunset overlooking the Taipei skyline in the distance.  Unfortunately for us, it was drizzling with overcast skies, so the view was kind of obscurred.  Either way, let me show you how to get to this park, as there is a shortcut through The Grand Hotel!             Read Full Article →

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