While waiting for my A380 flight to Tokyo a few weeks back, I stumbled upon some very creative perks at Terminal 3 of Singapore’s Changi International Airport.  Terminal 3, being the newest addition to Changi Airport is a fresh and modern looking airport that tries to bring nature to its travellers.  You will see live plantation throughout Terminal 3, with gardens, palm trees, and water fountains.  In addition, to my surprise there was a butterfly garden (yes with LIVE butterflies) within its departure/arrival gates.  The best part was that it was FREE!  

Once you get past Singapore immigration and into the departure area, you turn right and you will see signs pointing to the butterfly garden.  You will pass through a nice water fountain filled with live koi fish before seeing the entrance to the butterfly garden. 

The water fountain with live koi fish that leads up to the butterfly garden.

The large koi fishes swimming around in the water fountain.

Entrance to the butterfly garden!

As you step into the butterfly garden, its the equivalent to going to the zoo where they have indoor pavillions with a rainforest environment.  It was pretty awesome, there were nice tropical flowers, fauna, and even live venus fly traps there.  And the best part was of course the various types of live butterflies just fluttering around the garden!  There was also a mini waterfall that starts from the second floor of the garden.  You can probably kill about 30 to 40 minutes in this butterfly garden.

Some of the plantation you will see in the butterfly garden

A butterfly chillin on some pineapple slices

Up close and personal with butterfly #1

Up close and personal with butterfly #2

The mini waterfall!

View of the butter fly garden from the second floor.

I have been to many of the busiest airports in the world, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chicago, and Toronto.  They are all impressive in their own unique ways.  But only in Singapore’s airport so far that I have seen such a brilliant and creative way to integrate a live butterfly garden in its premises that matches well to their branding as a modern and green airport.  If you are ever transitting or waiting for your flight from Terminal 3 in Singapore Changi Airport and have some time to kill, then do take the chance to visit this butterfly garden!

What are some of the unique airports in the world that you have visited?  Please share your experiences in the comment section below.  Cheers!

Alec Chan

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2 Responses to Butterflies in the Airport?

  1. Yuki says:

    When I went back to my hometown for this summer vacation,
    I just found my hometown airport has been renewal.
    The additional buildings are built for the internationl flight.
    Also, there is the hot spring (onsen) in the airport!
    It is the only airport which having hot spring within it in Japan.
    The airport is Shin-Chitose airport where located near Sapporo city in Hokkaido which is the north island of Japan.
    If you have a chance to get there, please try to take a bath there and relax.. :)

    • Alec says:

      HI Yuki, thanks for this great information! That is incredible that they have a hot spring in the airport in Hokkaido! Its definitely a brilliant idea, to allow travellers a chance to bathe and relax after a long flight! OK my checklist is made, I will visit there one day to experience this =) Cheers!

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