About two weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to finally fly in the Airbus A380 super jumbo jet.  I was on Singapore Airlines on a flight from Singapore to Tokyo.  It was my first time flying on the A380, and I was quite excited…

The plane itself is remarkable.  I’ve seen many documentaries on the Discovery channel on how it was made, and all the engineering challenges it faced due to the sheer size of this thing.  To see it in real life really puts things in perspective.  The plane is a double decker jet, and the wing span (end to end from the tip of each wing) is about 80 meters (which is about the length of 16 Toyota Camrys!).  It is a monster powered by 4 rolls royce turbine engines, and I heard that even if one of the engines goes out, it can still fly on 3 engines!  The plane is so huge that the airports who had A380’s land at their airports needed to modify their runway space and passenger recieving areas to accomodate this massive plane.

Close up view of the cockpit section of the A380

Notice how the catering trucks need to load the supplies on the bottom and top decks!

A rough idea on how long the wing is, just reference it to the luggage carts below the wing.

The inside of the plane is quite nice.  I sat in the upper deck while flying to Tokyo, and sat in the lower deck on my return trip back to Singapore.  If you are flying economy (like me), be sure to request to sit in the upper deck if possible.  There’s way more leg room in the upper deck.  As for carry on luggage space compartments, I must say they did a good job in designing the interior to allow plenty of space for your carry on luggage!  In addition, the sound proofing was amazing, it was by far the quietest flight I’ve been on.  Just amazing considering the size of this plane!

The only draw back I experienced was that during the turbulence periods, or during landing or take off, you can really feel the plane shake.   I’m guessing its because of the huge size of the plane as it is fighting the air currents outside.  But then again, this maybe just me being paranoid…  So this is it, my experience of the A380 I wanted to share with you all.  Cheers!

Have you flown on the A380 before?  Are you planning to fly on the A380?  Please share your experiences in the comment section of this post!

Alec Chan

Alec Chan is an intrepid traveler, travel writer, author, speaker, serial entrepreneur and self professed Asia travel ambassador. Traveling all around Asia since 2003, and still traveling, Alec is an accomplished and passionate traveler seeking to bridge the cultural gaps in Asia. Through his unique perspective as a Canadian born Chinese, Alec shares his special insights on Asia to help others around the world to have a better understanding on Asian culture so that they can have a more meaningful, fun, and stress free trip to Asia. Alec has written numerous travel guides on several destinations in Asia and is the editor in chief of AlecTravelGuide.com

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5 Responses to Flying in a Giant Bird: The Airbus A380

  1. iamthewitch says:

    Hey Alec! Great blog you have! I don’t think I have flown in a jumbo jet before! Certainly not one with 2 decks! Sounds so cool.. no pictures of the interior? :) Do they also have individual LCD screens for entertainment? Most of the planes in MAS airlines don’t have them anymore :(

    • Alec says:

      Hi iamthewitch! Thanks for the comment! Yeah unfortunately I did not get the chance to take the pic of the interior, it was a mad scramble of people getting on the plane during the time…I will try to find an interior pic of it! =) YES on the SQ flight there were LCD screens, it was awesome, the screen was a full 10 inch screen, and it was packed with movies and music. Too bad MAS does not have them any more…. Cheers!

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  3. Yuki says:

    Hi, Alec! I finally find how to leave the comments…haha
    Your explanation is perfect, so I don’t need to watch the Discovery channel for this.
    How many passengers can fit in this huge plane?
    Is it new, right?
    I wonder any Japan airline company has this kind of plane?
    I want to ride on sometime to go to Singapore.
    Just provide the reason for buz. travel to Singapore to me!

    • Alec says:

      Hi Yuki! Thanks for the comments. I think for this flight from Singapore airlines it can accommodate up to 525 passengers! If it was an all economy class plane, then it can handle even more, up to 800+ passengers. Its quite a new plane! From what I see so far I don’t think there are any Japan airline company flying this yet. Yes, but hopefully one day you can travel to Singapore on this plane!!! Cheers!

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