In my previous post, I took you through the Chinatown in Singapore that everyone knows, the one that you will see in the nice postcards, and in all the tourist brochures.  There is however another side of Chinatown, a side that has a way more local charm that most tourists failed to visit.  It is basically on the opposite side of Eu Tong Seng Street, in an area commonly known as the People’s Park Complex. 

Finding the place is quite easy, just look for the giant lime green People’s Park Complex building which is basically a shopping mall / apartment building complex.  The mall itself is quite old, and you will not find any commonly branded stores there.  You will instead find a wide spectrum of travel agencies, electronic stores, jewlery shops, wholesale priced perfume stores, Chinese herb shops, money changers, tattoo parlours, foot massage stalls, and the other type of “massage” parlours (if you know what I mean).  Because of this strange mix of different types of stores, it makes it quite an unique place to visit.

One of the main highlights of the place are the travel agencies in People’s Park Complex.  They do offer alot of great deals for travel packages, accomodations, and transport options around the region and beyond, so it is worth checking them out.  Just make sure you stick with the more popular companies, which you can easily tell by the ones with the most people in them.

Side of the People’s Park Complex


Shops selling everything from electronics, travel packages to jewlery

As you make your side outside of the mall, right near the entrance of the Chinatown MRT exit, you will find numerous food stalls selling snacks and street food.  Around the corner of the mall outside, you will also find one of the best money changers in town offering the best rates with no questions asked.  The money changer is called Crante Money Changer and is located right beside the durrian pancake shop.  You can easily recognize it by the long queue of people waiting to get their money changed.

Food stalls outside of People’s Park Complex near the Chinatown MRT exit

Crante Money Changer, look at all the people lining up just to change money!

Chinatown MRT Exit “C” near the People’s Park Complex

So this is pretty much it for the tour of People’s Park Complex.  Don’t hope to find a modern mall here, but its definitely worth to check out if your looking for some good travel deals, get your money exchanged, and get your feet massaged all in one go!

Visitor’s Information to People’s Park Complex

Getting There:  Take the MRT to Chinatown station, and head for exit “C”


Have you been to People’s Park Complex in Singapore’s Chinatown before?  Please share your experiences by leaving your comments below!

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