At Genting Highlands there is a variety of accommodations to choose, from the budget hotels, to the more exquisite high end hotels.

Here is an overview of popular hotels at Genting Highlands:

First World Hotel

View of First World Hotel as seen from the Genting Theme Park

First World Hotel is the largest hotel in Genting.  It has over 6000 rooms, and was once the world’s largest hotel in terms of number of rooms.  It is the most popular hotel for the locals, as they offer cheap affordable rooms, and it is located conveniently near the bus terminal, as well as the cable car station.  That being said, the rooms are quite small, and very basic with just a simple bed and small shower and toilet.  So don’t set your expectations to high for this hotel.

Genting Hotel, Resort Hotel and Highlands Hotel

Complex containing Genting Hotel, Resort Hotel, and Highlands Hotel

Genting Hotel and Highlands Hotel are the more high end hotels in Genting.  There you can expect faboulous cars parked in their VIP lots, as well expensive eating establishments.  So if you want 5 star quality and service, those are the hotels you want to be in.

Resort Hotel is more of a mid range hotel.  It is a tidy and modern hotel with spacious rooms.  You can also catch a nice view from the hotel rooms, looking out at the sprawling mountain side, and sea of clouds.

The sea of clouds at the mountain side, as viewed from my hotel room at Resort Hotel

To get to these hotels, they are essentially connected with each other from within.  Just head towards the internal walkways towards Genting Casino, and there will be signs pointing to Genting Hotel, Highlands Hotel and Resort Hotel.  From the outside it is quite difficult to distinguish which building belongs to which hotel.

Theme Park Hotel

View of Theme Park Hotel from my room at Resort Hotel

Theme Park Hotel is the oldest hotel in Genting Highlands.  This was the first hotel ever built at Genting.  Originally it was called Highlands Hotel, but subsequently renamed to as Theme Park Hotel, as it is situated right next to the Genting outdoor theme park.  It is another mid range hotel.

So this is it, an overview to get you started in choosing your accommodations at Genting Highlands.  Hope you have a great time!  Have you been to Genting Highlands before?  Please share your experiences at the hotel you stayed at Genting!  Cheers!

Alec Chan

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2 Responses to Accommodations – Genting Highlands – Part 3

  1. eunice says:

    that’s an awesome view of Genting from your room! really nice

    • Alec says:

      Hi Eunice

      Thanks! Yeah its quite nice with the clouds…it was the first thing I saw when I woke up and stared out the window. Pretty amazing view!

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